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Infinity Heart Productions is a full-service video production company providing animation, graphics, digital effects, editing, production and pre-production services. Infinity Heart Productions can also provide consulting services to help you get your own in-house production facilities up and running.


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Tech Tid-bits

Curious about NTSC color and its relation to 'computer color'? IHP's NTSC Color Calculator is a Java applet that lets you get a rough idea of the difference in appearence of an individual color when viewed on a computer compared to a video monitor. It can also help you find NTSC "legal" settings for your RGB colors.

To see a QuickTime VR 3D model which shows the relation between 'computer color, and 'video color' check out our Color Space Comparison Model which you can manipulate to get a good view from all sides.

| NTSC Color Calculator | Computer/Video Color Spaces Model |

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