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Infinity Heart Productions can create stunning graphics for video, either to your specification or derived from an existing graphic. All graphics are color corrected for PAL or NTSC, depending on the country in which the final product will be delivered. In addition to making your colors video legal, IHP has the know-how to adjust video colors to match your printed or Web colors very closely. See our IHP Color Calculator if you want to try this yourself. Or if you are curious how RGB computer color and YCrCb video color are related to each other, see our QuickTime VR color space model.

IHP also can create titles from any True Type or Postscript Type 1 font. Choose from the hundreds of fonts IHP has on hand, or bring in your own. Combined with eye-catching backgrounds or fully anti-aliased keys over full-motion video, professionally created titles and graphics can dramatically increase the impact of your video.

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