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Infinity Heart Productions produces animations ranging from broadcast quality to animations suitable for the web.

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WARNING: the lo-res, low frame rate Quicktime movies can be quite large. To view them, you will need the Quicktime movie player and the willingness to wait for them to download. Simply click on the thumbnail image from the animation to start the download.
NEAR Satellite and Asteroid 

The NEAR satellite approaches an asteroid. Quicktime, 830 Kilobytes.

DNA Strand 

Two partial strands of DNA combine to form a double helix. Quicktime, 280 Kilobytes.

ATC Com Model 

An illustration of one of the earliest proposed space-based Enroute ATC system solutions. GIF animation in HTML page, 47 Kilobytes.


A remote controlled camera carrying helicopter goes from the drawing board to the field. Quicktime, 802 Kilobytes.

All samples remain the copyrighted property of Infinity Heart Productions and may not be re-used or redistributed in any form without permission from IHP. 
From simple flying logos and 3D text to accurate reproductions of your product, Infinity Heart Productions can create animations from original models, output from your CAD system (DXF and other formats supported), or models purchased from stock model houses like Viewpoint DataLabs. From photo-realistic animations to the fanciful, to mixed animation/'live' video, and animated effects, IHP can deliver, on tape or in digital form and in a variety of formats as your project requires. IHP can even create animations in resolutions and frame rates suitable for the World Wide Web, or for multi-media applications.

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